Tetric EvoFlow® Bulk Fill

The flowable bulk-fill-composite!

Next development step

Flowable bulk-fill composites are designed for replacing dentin in Class-I and Class-II restorations. Their translucency should therefore be as dentin-like as possible.

Ivocerin and the Aessencio technology have enabled Ivoclar Vivadent to take the next decisive step towards optimizing the esthetic properties of bulk-fill composites. 

Esthetically optimized

Aessencio technology produces a change in translucency during light-curing. This attribute assists in masking stained dentin. 

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill can be applied in increments of up to 4 mm and light-cured in 10 seconds (≥ 1,000 mW/cm2).

When applying a final occlusal capping layer, practitioners have the choice to use either a universal composite, e.g. Tetric EvoCeram and IPS Empress Direct, or a bulk-fill composite such as Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill. If they choose a bulk-fill composite, they can benefit from a streamlined procedure and an esthetic outcome that is as good as that achieved with conventional incremental techniques. 

The flowable bulk-fill composite

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill intentionally features a flowability and consistency that differ from those of Tetric EvoFlow, the most-sold flowable composite in Europe. 

These properties have been matched to the requirements placed upon volume replacement materials. 

The result is excellent surface affinity and self-levelling consistency. 

A convincing statement

A convincing statement

Ivoclar Vivadent is a world leader in the development of dental initiators. Research is going on at all major composite manufacturers. Due to the development of the highly reactive Ivocerin and the new Aessencio technology, however, Ivoclar Vivadent is one step ahead in the field of initiators.

Due to the highly reactive light initiator Ivocerin and the Aessencio technology, Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is a unique product that stands out among all the other flowable materials on the market. Initially, the material is translucent.
During the curing process, the translucency diminishes and dentin discolouration is reliably masked. This is simply ingenious.

Prof. Dr Reinhard Hickel
Polyclinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany

A fast and comfortable way of restoring teeth

Both Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill enable an efficient procedure to restore posterior teeth. They produce esthetic results that are similar to those achieved with conventional composite filling techniques, as international opinion leaders confirm.

Clinical long-term success

Direct composite restorations have become a standard application in the range of services offered by modern dental practices. Numerous clinical studies have shown that these materials ensure a reliable performance even in the stress bearing posterior region - as Tetric EvoCeram demonstrates. 

Many dentists place their trust in the products of Ivoclar Vivadent and with good reason. It is the combination of innovative technologies and clinical reliability that makes these composites so attractive for dental practitioners all over the world. And their success proves them right.

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