Cention Forte

The new alternative to amalgam

Tooth coloured. Bioactive*. Durable[1,2]. Out now: Cention Forte, the new alternative to amalgam for permanent Class I and II restorations. Try the powder-liquid filling material first hand!

Cention Forte impresses with lifelike esthetics, high flexural strength and bioactive* ion release. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages of the new alternative to amalgam.
  • Over 90% of all the patients who were treated with Cention Forte said that the product was good-to-excellent in terms of its esthetic properties and function [3, 4].

  • Tooth coloured

  • High translucency level of approx. 11 %

  • High fracture resistance thanks to high flexural strength

  • For permanent Class I and II restorations

  • Releases bioactive hydroxide, calcium and fluoride ions
  • Regulates the pH value during acid attacks
  • Prevents the demineralization of tooth structure
  • Promotes the remineralization of dental enamel
Optimal coordination, fast application
  • Fast application in only 5 steps
  • Optimally coordinated with Cention Primer
  • Both Cention Primer and Cention Forte are self-curing

The two-component Cention Primer is specifically designed for use with Cention Forte. This self-etching and self-curing primer provides an ideal basis for the application of Cention Forte.

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