Managing the perio-restorative interface of different abutment types in the smile zone – concepts and strategies

16 Jun 2018, 12:05 - 13:00
nitzan bichacho + mirela feraru

In order to achieve a harmonious, esthetic result when placing an indirect restoration in the smile zone, the operator should not only choose an appropriate material for the restoration, but also analyze and relate to the abutment type and shade of the natural dentition. Furthermore, particular attention should be paid to the integration of the whole restorative complex with the surrounding tissue, no matter whether it is placed on natural teeth (vital or non-vital) or implants. In cases where different types of abutments are to be restored in the same arch, the treatment is even more challenging. The different stages of the perio-restorative treatment should be thoroughly planned in order to end up with a harmonious, natural-looking result. For each site, the most suitable materials should be chosen, so that the combined abutment-crown complexes blend well with each other and with the adjacent dentition and the vital periodontium.

This ensures an esthetic and healthy final outcome. State-of-the-art strategies for the restoration of different tooth preparations and abutment types will be discussed, including various laboratory and clinical procedures as well as tissue management techniques.

The concept of "Model-Based Restoration and Cervical Contouring" will be presented and analyzed by means of a variety of esthetically challenging clinical cases.