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PrograPrint Clean

The PrograPrint Clean is a component of the PrograPrint system - a 3D printing system especially developed for dental applications. PrograPrint is a system solution that includes the PrograPrint PR5 3D printer, a coordinated cleaning and post-curing unit and a range of resin materials.

The PrograPrint Clean unit is designed for cleaning 3D printed objects and removing any unpolymerized material, using isopropanol (IPA). Printed objects can be left on the build platform for cleaning. The cleaner features a self-reversing magnetic stirrer and a two-stage cleaning option for optimum results.

Our cleaning unit features a durable stainless steel construction. Even though designed for the ProArt Print range of materials, the device is also suitable for cleaning other 3D printed objects. The cleaning system can be extended with additional PrograPrint Clean stations and magnetic stirrers to match specific requirements.

Grow your digital portfolio and benefit from the advantages that additive manufacturing brings to your work.

Note: Only use PrograPrint Clean in a fume cupboard. The instructions and notices in the operating instructions must be observed.


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Holder for the PrograPrint Stage
  • 2 cleaning containers for pre- and post-cleaning
  • Powerful magnetic stirrer with self-reversing mechanism
  • Extendable modular system


  • Cleaning 3D printed objects made of ProArt Print materials