SR Nexco Stylebook Testimonials

shinyamagnifying glass

Dr. Akikazu Shinya

Tokyo, Japan

“SR Nexco has an amazing quality of uniformity filler. In the clinical research, the gloss was kept as same as porcelain. This was outstanding impact for dentist who deeply related with composite in research fields. I can conclude that SR Nexco is the only lab composite which is possible to use for aesthetic area.”

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Annette von Hajmasy

Cologne, Germany

"SR Nexco features three exclusive material properties: Firstly, the durable high surface gloss, which is easily and quickly achieved and enhances the wear resistance. Secondly, its conformity with the shade and layering scheme of the IPS e.max ceramic materials and thirdly, its composition which provides an absolutely natural shade effect. I use SR Nexco for all kinds of indications – it is truly a universal composite!"

Ciersmagnifying glass

Jean Yves Cieres

St. Jorioz, France

“Now I am able to create outstanding esthetic restorations with a lifelike and natural gingiva. The layering technique is straightforward, safe and reproducible. This allows us to tap into a new area: pink esthetics.”

Zujicmagnifying glass

Velimir Zujic

Rijeka, Croatia

“Finally, a composite that offers almost unlimited possibilities is available. It allows me to implement any design I have in mind with ease.”

michel Thorsten_swmagnifying glass

Thorsten Michel

Schorndorf, Germany

“The requirements in implantology are subject to ongoing development. Against such a backdrop, materials featuring both high strength and ease of use are requisite for meeting these challenges. SR Nexco fulfils these qualities exceptionally well and offers entirely new possibilities in composite application. Previously unattainable results can now be accomplished even in the most challenging jaw conditions due to the new range of Gingiva shades.”

hannker_chrmagnifying glass

Christian Hannker

Hüde, Germany

“If you veneer a restoration with SR Nexco, you will see that the shade reproduction and gloss are comparable to those of IPS e.max Ceram. This presents an essential advantage in the fabrication of combination dentures. Given its consistency, the material is easy to process. Additionally, SR Connect establishes an excellent bond to other materials, e.g. PMMA, with the result that transitional areas are not visible after polishing."

Lotzmagnifying glass

Hans-Joachim Lotz

Weikersheim, Germany

“Polishing brings out the full beauty of SR Nexco. The coordinated combination of composite matrix and micro-opal filler technology results in a long-lasting high gloss. In addition, the material impresses users with its practice-oriented handling characteristics, its beautiful optical effects and its favourable clinical performance.”

Sulsermagnifying glass

Sandra Sulser

Schaan, Liechtenstein

“SR Nexco gives me the opportunity to substantially improve the esthetics of dental prostheses. Modifications and characterizations of e.g. IvoBase dentures can be performed even more easily and rapidly. I prefer using an OptraSculpt modelling instrument with 4-mm and 6-mm pad attachments for characterizing dentures.”

helene and didier crescenzomagnifying glass

Hélène & Didier Crescenzo

Gulf of Saint Tropez, France

“SR Nexco offers us a similar range of materials as IPS e.max, its handling characteristics facilitate the application method and it can be easily and quickly polished to a bright gloss – qualities that help us realize diverse composite-ceramic cases. We regularly fall back on this product when we create esthetic and functional cases.”