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Schaan, Liechtenstein – 5 December 2013

The independent US test institute The Dental Advisor tested Multilink Automix, the universal self-curing luting composite with light-curing option from Ivoclar Vivadent, over a period of three years and has now awarded the product the highest possible rating of Five Plus.

In this study, 356 all-ceramic restorations, cemented with Multilink Automix, were evaluated. A total of 275 restorations were placed on molars and 81 restorations on pre-molars. Fifty per cent of the restorations were fabricated from leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic, 44 per cent from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and 6 per cent from zirconium oxide. At the three-year recall, all the restorations were rated on a scale from one to five. All the restorations received excellent results in the areas of esthetics, resistance to marginal discolouration, freedom from sensitivity and retention. Multilink Automix received a 97 per cent overall rating.

Study details
Multilink Automix maintained excellent colour stability in 100 per cent of the restorations, ensuring optimal esthetics. Furthermore, Multilink Automix showed a very low tendency towards marginal discolouration. Ninety-nine per cent of the restorations demonstrated no marginal discolouration at the recall. Only three restorations (<1 per cent) had to be replaced as a result of discolouration.

The majority of patients reported no postoperative sensitivities. Three patients stated that there was some initial mild sensitivity that resolved in a short time. The final subject of investigation was the retention force: Multilink Automix was used for the cementation of inlays, onlays and crowns made of zirconium, lithium disilicate and leucite-reinforced ceramic in the posterior region. Debonding occurred only in 2 per cent of the restorations.

About Multilink Automix
Multilink Automix is an adhesive cementation system for the universal cementation of indirect restorations made of silicate and oxide ceramic (e.g. IPS e.max), metal and metal-ceramic as well as composite. It is characterized by its very high and balanced bonding strength, irrespective of whether it is light-cured or self-cured.

About The Dental Advisor
The Dental Advisor is an independent US test institute which informs the dental world about clinical investigations and laboratory research results regarding the performance of dental products and devices in a short, precise and objective way.

Source: The Dental Advisor, Vol. 30, No. 5, June 2013

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