IPS Contrast Spray Chairside

magnifying glass

Hygiene protection as a hallmark


Schaan, Liechtenstein – 6. Oktober 2008

Ivoclar Vivadent presents the new generation of the IPS Contrast Spray Chairside, available in two versions: blue and cream-coloured. In addition to its pleasant lemon flavour, the spray particularly impresses users with its practical design. The new Contrast Spray Chairside is available in the new hygiene package from October.

Light reflects differently on dentin and enamel. Therefore, a prepared tooth needs a mat surface before it can be scanned in order to create a CAD/CAM image. IPS Contrast Spray, the hygienic and reliable scan solution for CAD/CAM systems, is adapted to fit these needs.

The IPS Contrast Spray Chairside is applied intraorally before the scan. The new, flat nozzle tip ensures that the preparation can be optimally accessed in the oral cavity. A short burst with the spray balances the optical properties of dentin and enamel and thus allows an optimal scan to be taken.

The IPS Contrast Spray Chairside is available with lemon flavour in two colours: blue and cream. Both colours show the same contrast properties during scanning. The exchangeable nozzles, which have been specifically developed for single use, are a big plus. Because they are used only once, no disinfection of the nozzles is necessary and cross-contamination is excluded.

The IPS Contrast Spray is available in the new hygiene package with 20 individually wrapped nozzles and two spray heads from October.