Multilink Automix System

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Proven performance

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 16 January 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces the next generation of the Multilink Automix System for the adhesive cementation technique. The range has been broadened to include a white shade, try-in pastes and the product Air Block Liquid Strip. The formula of the luting composite has been further enhanced to allow excess material to be even more easily removed. The strength of this clinically proven universal cementation system lies in its ability to generate high bonding values that ensure the long-lasting adhesion of the restoration to the tooth structure.

The Multilink Automix System consists of the Multilink Automix self-curing resin-based luting material with light-curing option, Multilink Primer A/B and Monobond Plus universal primer. It is designed for the cementation of indirect restorations made of silicate ceramics, oxide ceramics, metal, metal-ceramics and composite. In particular, Multilink Automix attains very high bonding values on IPS e.max lithium disilicate glass-ceramics when applied together with Monobond Plus.

New formula
The formula of Multilink Automix has again been optimized to further facilitate the clean-up of excess material in the quarter technique. Additionally, the optimized formula allows Multilink Automix and Multilink Primer to be stored at room temperature.

A plus for esthetics
The shade range has been expanded to include a "white" shade with medium translucency. Water-soluble glycerine-based try-in pastes are now available to simulate and check the shade effect of the restoration in relation to the chosen Multilink Automix shade.

Excellent margin quality
Air Block Liquid Strip enables users to protect the cement line from oxygen exposure during the curing process. This prevents the formation of an inhibition layer and lays the foundation for achieving esthetic restorations with impeccable margins.

Clinically proven
Since it was introduced in 2004, Multilink has been used to place more than ten million indirect restorations successfully. Multilink has achieved very good results in numerous clinical investigations, including long-term studies. For example, the survival rate of restorations in terms of adhesion was 99 per cent (nine studies, 291 restorations).

Multilink® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.