ExciTE in the VivaPen

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Adhesives in pen dispensers are on the rise


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 12 March 2008

ExciTE is a tried-and-tested, light-curing single-component adhesive, which is used in conjunction with the total-etch technique. ExciTE can be used for direct restorative treatment procedures (composites, compomers), as well as for the adhesive light-curing cementation of indirect restorations (all-ceramics, composites).

Effective immediately, ExciTE is available in the unique VivaPen delivery form, which allows the adhesive to be applied directly to the restoration in a time-saving and economical manner. The specially designed VivaPen brush cannula facilitates access to all tooth surfaces.

Easy and time-saving direct application

The exceptional pen-shaped VivaPen delivery form enables easy and clean direct application of ExciTE in the mouth of the patient. The VivaPen is comfortable to operate with the click mechanism on the side of the pen. If additional adhesive is required, another click is enough to dispense more material. Due to the exchangeable brush cannulas, the VivaPen can be used several times.

Exact dosing saves material

The VivaPen allows dental professionals to dispense the exact amount of material required. The specially designed VivaPen brush cannula features the least possible dead volume minimizing waste and saving material. One VivaPen is enough for 80 to 100 applications.

Time-tested adhesive

ExciTE has been on the market since 1999 and covers a wide range of indications, i.e. ExciTE can be used for direct restorative treatment procedures, as well as for the cementation of indirect restorations after previous light curing. ExciTE shows consistently high bonding values on enamel and dentin in clinical trials. Studies have confirmed that ExciTE effectively seals the dentin surface and thus reduces postoperative sensitivities.