Telio: the system for temporary restorations

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Flexibility due to compatible products

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 12 March 2010

Telio, the system for temporary restorations, has been developed for dentists, CAD/CAM users and dental technicians

So far, dentists and dental technicians have been using a wide range of different products for the fabrication of temporary restorations. Ivoclar Vivadent has devised the Telio system, a product solution for temporary restorations that offers users coordinated products and equally meets the requirements of dentists, CAD/CAM users and dental technicians.

Telio is currently the most comprehensive product system for temporary restorations. All Telio products are compatible with one another in terms of material and shade. Due to the compatibility of all individual products for temporization, the cooperation between dentist and dental technician is improved for all treatment steps. Labside products can be combined with chairside products, thus allowing for a great degree of flexibility.

Telio CS for dentists
The Telio product range for chairside applications comprises a self-curing temporary crown and bridge material (Telio CS C&B), a dual-curing eugenol-free luting material (Telio CS Link) and a desensitizer (Telio CS Desensitizer). In addition to crowns and bridges, Telio CS C&B also allows easy fabrication of inlays, onlays and veneers. Furthermore, Telio CS C&B can be utilized to reline temporary restorations, made of, for instance, Telio CAD or Telio Lab material.

Telio CAD for CAD/CAM users
The Telio CAD acrylate polymer blocks are used to fabricate temporary crowns and bridges – also on implants. The restorations are either milled chairside (e.g. in the Sirona CEREC unit) or labside (e.g. in the Sirona inLab unit). Alternatively, Telio CAD restorations can also be ordered from NobelProcera, who will mill the restoration in one of their milling centres. The restorations are subsequently either directly seated or first characterized with stains and layering materials.

Telio Lab for dental technicians
For the fabrication of temporaries in the dental laboratory, Telio offers a powder/liquid resin processed in the cold technique and adjusted to the A-D shades. Telio Lab is suitable for the creation of temporary crowns and bridges which can be easily cemented to natural prepared teeth or implant abutments. In addition, the Telio Lab LC components can be applied to individualize or complement restorations. Apart from using the cut-back technique, users can also design the occlusion and the emergence profile with these materials.

Telio offers options for temporization ranging from standard to highly esthetic restorations, such as implant-borne long-term temporaries. Ivoclar Vivadent thus expands its product portfolio in the area of implant esthetics and strengthens its leading role in this field.