Programat EP 5010 and EP 3010

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Impressive technological innovations

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 29 April 2014

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces the new generation of press furnaces: the combination furnaces Programat EP 5010 and EP 3010. Both furnace models are optimally coordinated with the company’s pressed ceramic materials. The new QTK2 muffle technology with the SiC bottom reflector ensures excellent homogeneous heat distribution in the investment ring, producing high-quality results. A further innovation of the Programat EP 5010 represents the integrated infrared camera, which monitors the temperature and automatically recognizes the size of the preheated investment ring.

The IPS e.max materials from Ivoclar Vivadent can be optimally fired and pressed with the new Programat EP 5010 and EP 3010. The material-specific press programs are specially coordinated with this new furnace generation and are supplied pre-installed with the material parameters for Ivoclar Vivadent materials.

Muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector
The new QTK2 muffle and the SiC bottom reflector ensure optimum heat distribution. As a result, the investment ring is heated more reliably and evenly. Difficult-to-press objects with thin marginal areas, for example, are easily pressed, producing high-quality results and surfaces.

Intelligent thermal imaging technology
In addition to these features, the Programat EP 5010 is equipped with a built-in infrared camera. This camera measures the exact temperature at the surface of the fired object and the investment ring. Since the temperature of the preheated investment ring is monitored, the preheating furnace and the press furnace can be optimally coordinated with each other. In case the investment ring is preheated insufficiently, a warning is automatically displayed. If the infrared technology feature is activated, the thermal imaging camera regulates the predrying and closing process. In conclusion, this innovative technology offers a wide range of new possibilities which increase the furnace’s usability, its process reliability and efficiency.

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