Programat EP 3000

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Multitalent in the laboratory

Schaan, Liechtenstein –  4 July 2008

With the Programat EP 3000, Ivoclar Vivadent introduces a new press and ceramic furnace to the market, which provides outstanding press results and surprises users with many additional functions. 

In addition to 220 firing programs, the Programat EP 3000 is equipped with automatic temperature calibration, detachable furnace head, and a graphic display.

The ATK 2 automatic temperature calibration at two temperature points allows extremely accurate calibration for both the low-fusing and traditional temperature range. Without compressed air, the electronically controlled press drive ensures optimum processing of the ceramic ingots in a consistent, reproducible quality.

The furnace is particularly suitable for pressing ceramic ingots, but may also be used for firing dental ceramic materials. It goes without saying that the Programat EP 3000 has been coordinated with all Ivoclar Vivadent materials and also features the corresponding preset programs.

Moreover, the Programat EP 3000 is equipped with a Crack Detection System (CDS), which detects cracks in the investment material and immediately cuts the press force in such cases.

«The Programat EP 3000 provides a multitude of additional functions at an attractive price/performance ratio», enthuses Robert Grünenfelder, Business Unit Manager Equipment, Ivoclar Vivadent. «In this way, Ivoclar Vivadent now also offers a simpler furnace version, in addition to the top-of-the-line furnace Programat EP 5000, which nonetheless demonstrates a number of special features that are usually found only in furnaces of the highest level.

The Programat EP 3000 will be available from July 2008.