Multilink Automix

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Tried, tested and improved


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 16 January 2009

The new formula of Multilink Automix offers dentists a decisive advantage: Excess material can be much more easily removed, while the habitual proven features of the material – high bond strength and good adhesive properties – remain unchanged.

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces the improved version of the luting composite Multilink Automix. Due to the new formula of Multilink Automix, dentists can now remove excess material with much less difficulty using a scaler – by light-curing the excess material for two to four seconds per quarter surface of the tooth, which turns the material gel-like.

The high bond strength and good long-term adhesive properties of Multilink Automix in the Automix syringe continue to impress users. This composite with a broad range of applications is available in the shades opaque, yellow and transparent.

Multilink Automix is available immediately.