Programat EP 5000 and EP 3000

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Exciting technology

Schaan, Liechtenstein – March 21, 2011

Ivoclar Vivadent has equipped its press and ceramic furnaces Programat EP 5000 and EP 3000 with a series of new technological features and functions. This includes Power Saving Technology, Thermo Shock Protection and Cooling Shock Protection. At the same time, the EP 5000 has been fitted with an optimized user interface and the EP 3000 with a new keypad design. Users can still benefit from the tried-and-tested features of the predecessor models.

The combination furnaces Programat EP 5000 and EP 3000 combine the advantages of press and ceramic furnaces. Ivoclar Vivadent launches the furnaces of the second generation, which offer new technologies: The Power Saving Technology enables the power consumption in the stand-by mode to be reduced by up to 40 percent. This positively affects the energy costs and helps protect the environment. The Thermo Shock Protection (TSP) prevents a thermal shock in the ceramic if the furnace head is closed at excessive temperatures. Furthermore, the EP 5000 model has been equipped with the Cooling Shock Protection (CSP) technology, which reduces the residual stresses in the ceramic material by means of a special opening process.

Innovative features
New special programs, which have been designed for the processing of IPS e.max Press Impulse and IPS e.max Press Multi ingots, have been incorporated in the combination furnace software. In addition, the EP 5000 offers an optimized user interface and the EP 3000 a new keypad design. Both models include a large remaining time indicator function, which can be optionally activated. Thanks to this function, users always know when a program will end even from a distance.

Proven functions
The EP 5000 and EP 3000 combination furnaces continue to offer their proven functions: The Crack Detection System (CDS) identifies cracks which are forming in the investment ring at an early stage and aborts the program in due time. The QTK muffle technology ensures a homogeneous heat distribution and thus optimum press and firing results. Due to the very precise temperature calibration (ATK2), the furnaces can be automatically calibrated at two temperature ranges.

The Programat EP 5000 and EP 3000 press and ceramic furnaces will be available in April 2011.