Ivoclar Vivadent launches one-step adhesive

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AdheSE One – Click & Bond with the VivaPen


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 15 June 2007

AdheSE One is a self-etching, light-curing one-step adhesive. It does not contain any organic solvents and comes in a unique delivery form: the economical VivaPen. AdheSE One is used to generate a bond between light-curing materials and the tooth structure.

The VivaPen is a unique delivery form that ensures easy and clean application of AdheSE One directly in the mouth of the patient. If more adhesive is required, one click is enough to dispense additional material. The adhesive pen is supplied with special and exchangeable VivaPen brush tips. Therefore, it is suitable for multiple use.

Easy and economical application
The VivaPen is activated by a click mechanism until the flocked brush tip is wetted. One layer of adhesive is sufficient, since water is used as the solvent. Due to the integrated nano-fillers, a homogeneous layer is produced.
The VivaPen prevents unnecessary waste of adhesive, as only the actual amount of AdheSE One needed is dispensed. Therefore, the VivaPen is very economical: The contents are sufficient for at least 80 applications.

Storage at room temperature without loss of quality
Hydrolysis of acid monomers is a problem particularly encountered in self-etching single-component systems. This means that the acidic monomers required for conditioning and penetration into the tooth structure are not stable in an aqueous solution. Consequently, the bond strength of the adhesive continuously decreases over time. This process can be slowed down but not stopped by refrigeration. Due to the patented stable monomers in AdheSE One, the quality of the adhesive remains unchanged when it is stored at room temperature.