IPS InLine / IPS InLine PoM

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IPS InLine / IPS InLine PoM in pictures


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 8 January 2008

Ivoclar Vivadent lets pictures talk. Effective immediately, all important information on the processing of IPS InLine and IPS InLine PoM are available on the new training and information DVD for digital, quick and uncomplicated use.

The new DVD from Ivoclar Vivadent is an information tool which offers an overview of the systems concept of the IPS InLine conventional metal-ceramic and the new IPS InLine PoM press-on-metal ceramic.

In addition to general information, the DVD contains detailed step-by-step processing videos on the framework design, alloy processing, the processing of the IPS InLine conventional metal-ceramic and the IPS InLine PoM press-on-metal ceramic and the veneer fabrication on refractory dies. The range of information is rounded off with a video on the conditioning and placement. Consequently, the DVD is an ideal tool for dental technicians, vocational schools and schools for master dental technicians.