IPS Empress Direct Flow

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Skilful effects

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 10 June 2010

IPS Empress Direct Flow delivers the desired effects in the restoration of anterior teeth

IPS Empress Direct Flow is the flowable variant of the Effect materials, which form part of the IPS Empress Direct range of light-curing nano-hybrid composites from Ivoclar Vivadent. Both consistencies are based on the same tried-and-tested chemistry. With the three new IPS Empress Direct Flow materials, the desired esthetic effects can be created with high precision when anterior teeth are restored.

A time-tested system with new possibilities

For nearly 20 years, the name IPS Empress has been synonymous with all-ceramics and superior esthetics in the reconstruction of dental defects. IPS Empress Direct is the latest addition to the IPS Empress family. It provides dentists with the esthetics of a ceramic with the convenience of composite.

IPS Empress Direct Flow can be used in conjunction with any conventional, monomer-based composite. The new flowable shades will be available from September 2010 onwards.