Fluor Protector in VivAmpoules

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A new look


Schaan, Liechtenstein – 27 April 2010

VivAmpoule is the name of the new delivery form from Ivoclar Vivadent, which has been developed for the clinically proven Fluor Protector fluoride varnish.

The innovative “snap-off” feature of VivAmpoule enables the ampoule to be opened with ease. VivAmpoule is comfortable to hold and stands upright by itself. The new VivaBrush G applicator completes the VivAmpoule delivery form. It allows the varnish to be applied in smooth, thin layers on large and small surfaces.

Fluor Protector offers professional protection against tooth sensitivity, caries and erosion. International clinical studies and long-term practical experience confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector. A very attractive feature of Fluor Protector is the fact that it is not visible on teeth after it has dried. The varnish protects the teeth and fulfils the requirements of health promotion and esthetics.

Fluor Protector in the VivAmpoule is available effective immediately.