ExciTE F and ExciTE F DSC

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Bonding regardless of the light conditions

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 8 January 2010

ExciTE F and ExciTE F DSC are fluoride-releasing total etch adhesives from Ivoclar Vivadent. The choice of the product to use depends on whether or not the curing light will be able to cure the adhesive.

The light-curing adhesive ExciTE F is used in clinical cases where the exposure to the curing light is ensured, for instance in direct restorative procedures.

In addition to being supplied in bottles and single-dose vessels, ExciTE F is now also available in the new VivaPen delivery form. The amount of adhesive contained in a VivaPen is sufficient for approximately 120 applications. The integrated fill-level indicator allows reliable control of the amount of ExciTE F that remains in the VivaPen.

Impeded accessibility of the cavity
If the cavity is not accessible with the curing light or if chemically curing composites are used, the dual-curing ExciTE F DSC (Dual cure Single Component) material is indicated.

ExciTE F DSC is available in hygienic single-dose vessels in two sizes: “Regular” for normal preparations and “Small” for micro-cavities and endodontic applications.

ExciTE F and ExciTE F DSC will be available worldwide in January 2010.