Cervitec Liquid

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Keeping bacteria in check

Schaan, Liechtenstein - 10 August 2010

The alcohol-free mouth rinse Cervitec Liquid from Ivoclar Vivadent inhibits the growth of bacteria and tastes good too.

The ready-for-use, antibacterial mouth rinse Cervitec Liquid from Ivoclar Vivadent allows bacteria to be controlled effectively: It contains 0.1% chlorhexidine, xylitol and essential oil. Furthermore, Cervitec Liquid is alcohol-free and therefore suitable for sensitive patients who need to avoid alcohol because of age-related, cultural, religious or medical reasons. One of Cervitec Liquid’s distinctive features is its pleasant taste, which promotes patient compliance. It encourages patients to use the mouth rinse consistently and without rinsing the mouth immediately after the application. As a result, the active ingredients are given enough time to take proper effect.

Suitable for a wide range of indications
The mouth rinse is particularly suitable for preventing and treating inflammations of the gums, oral mucous membrane and dental supporting tissue and infections in the mouth. In addition, Cervitec Liquid comes in useful before and after implantological and periodontal interventions and dental and orthodontic surgery as well as in the event of a high caries risk, poor oral hygiene or halitosis. Cervitec Liquid is recommended in the dental office to reduce the aerosol risk.

Cervitec Liquid is available effective immediately.