CD-ROM Competence in Implant Esthetics

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CD-ROM „Competence in Implant Esthetics“

Schaan, Liechtenstein - 16 August 2007

The planning and fabrication, as well as recall of implant prosthetic restorations involves interwoven procedures for which various dental materials are used. It is the combination of the individual materials and the knowledge of the proper processing that ensures the fabrication of a durable restoration.

The "Competence in Implant Esthetics" CD-ROM comprises the entire clinical and technical aspects of implant-retained restorations regarding Ivoclar Vivadent products and their proper use.

The actual treatment procedure and product details are anticipated by chapters with general information on implantology and clinical cases with images of different implant prosthetic restorations. The classification includes clinical and technical working steps: planning, implantation, temporary restoration, permanent restoration, placement, and recall. In addition, the CD-ROM contains answers to more than 450 most frequently asked questions.

The CD-ROM "Competence in Implant Esthetics" (German/English) is available from Ivoclar Vivadent subsidiaries.