Callisto CP+

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Callisto CP+: a transparent price policy

Schaan, Liechtenstein –  7. November 2008

By introducing the new alloy Callisto CP+, Ivoclar Vivadent wishes to offer a dental alloy at the best possible conditions for the customer. The palladium-containing, cobalt-based ceramic alloy is characterized by its low density, its wide range of indications and applications as well as its high strength.

Ivoclar Vivadent complements its alloy product range with Callisto CP+, a new palladium-containing, cobalt-based ceramic alloy. Manfred Tauber, Product Manager Alloys, explains the background for the launch: «The commodity prices are still at a high level. The difficult situation has taken a toll also on the dental alloy market. In many cases, the purchase prices increase while the selling price remains unchanged. With Callisto CP+ we would like to adjust to the current market situation. We offer this alloy at a reference price, making the purchase price for dentists and dental technicians a predictable factor.» Due to the low density of 8.9 g/cm3, both the price and the quantities needed are kept at a low level.

Numerous processing possibilities
The indications of Callisto CP+ range from single-tooth restorations to long-span bridges. In addition, this alloy allows implant superstructures to be fabricated, and, as a result of its high strength, it can also be used for the press technique.

Callisto CP+ is available throughout the world immediately.