Bluephase meter

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Bluephase meter -the precise radiometer with one-of-a-kind measuring principle


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 26 February 2008

By taking the light emission area into account, it is now possible for the first time to check and determine the actual light intensity of the curing lights used.

Adequate polymerization is of decisive importance for the clinical success of a composite restoration. In this context, the light intensity of the curing light used substantially influences the result. Since the light intensity may severely decrease during use, it should be regularly checked.

The intensity is the power per area. For that reason, the Bluephase meter is the only radiometer of its kind which does not only measure the light output, but also the diameter of the light probe used. Due to the utilization of an intelligent line sensor, the actual emission area and thus the light intensity can be precisely measured.

The handling of the Bluephase meter is exceptionally easy: the light probe of the polymerization unit is exactly positioned on the line sensor with the help of a centring aid. Then, the curing light is switched on and the intensity can be immediately read off the digital display. In this way, the dentists may react to the result at once and thus ensure the high quality of the restorations for their patients.