The 2009 business year

Satisfactory results in a challenging year

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 1 April 2010

Although the business year 2009 was significantly impacted by the global recession Ivoclar Vivadent achieved market growth in its leading innovative product categories while experiencing some sales declines in traditional product areas.

Ivoclar Vivadent achieved total sales of 601 million Swiss francs in 2009, which represents a decline of 4.6% (1.6% at constant exchange rates). This decline is consistent with the overall dental market performance.

Dental market declines
The overall dental market declined in 2009. All major global dental markets experienced a reduction in patient demand. Additionally, dentists and dental laboratories reduced their purchases of equipment and supplies to compensate for the loss in business. The market contraction was also felt in the area of dental materials, which is the primary market of Ivoclar Vivadent. “We experienced the recession’s impact mainly in our precious metal products, but were able to perform very well in our other categories and in our key markets,” said Robert Ganley, CEO Ivoclar Vivadent.

Growth in leading product categories
Ivoclar Vivadent reported impressive growth in its innovative product categories. All-Ceramics sales increased 25% resulting from the continued strong market acceptance of IPS e.max and growth of digital-based dental processes. Innovations in material and delivery systems of the Adhesive product line resulted in increased market share. Also, the Ivoclar Vivadent equipment strategy particularly in its Programat product line increased sales 10% which is remarkable in such an economically demanding year. “In today’s market economy successful innovations are those which deliver increased performance and productivity. IPS e.max offers our customers a solution and an opportunity in the area of high-strength, high esthetic all-ceramics,” said Ganley.

Very good performance in key markets
Ivoclar Vivadent sales in North America increased 3% when measured in local currency, which is an accurate measure of local performance. This is particularly strong performance in a market where the recession was severe. Local currency sales in Germany increased 6% with very good performance in restorative products. Latin America sales also increased an impressive 8%. Sales in the Japan market grew 26% due to the opening of a new Ivoclar Vivadent subsidiary in 2008.

A look ahead at 2010
“We are both cautious and at the same time optimistic about 2010,” said Ganley. “The dental market will slowly recover but will also change in some ways. We believe that we are strongly positioned to meet the needs of the restorative materials market in 2010 and beyond.”