PrograScan One intraoral scanners

PrograScan One intraoral scanner

PrograScan One and PrograScan One+ offer more than just a digital impression. The intraoral scanners enable you to consistently deliver highly accurate and esthetic restorations and excellent patient experience[1]. When seamlessly integrated with the PrograMill One milling machine, the only chairside mill specifically designed to fabricate the world's leading all-ceramic[2] IPS e.max, PrograScan One creates an unparalleled workflow.

Main features:

High-accuracy scan data[3]
Accurate impressions enable optimal treatment results 

AI scan technology for simplified scanning
Artificial intelligence assistant removes unnecessary soft tissues from the digital impression for scanning ease 

Patient-specific motion
Record your patient’s dynamic articulation 

Real-colour scan and shade measurement
High-quality digital impressions in lifelike colour

How you benefit:

  • Optimal treatment results thanks to high-accuracy scanning
  • Completely integrated restorative workflow with the PrograMill One milling unit
  • Deliver a superior, more comfortable patient experience
  • Caries diagnostic aid for early detection of suspected surface caries*[4]
  • Optimized handling with innovative wireless scanning technology[5] 
  • Complete service and support from Ivoclar Vivadent 
  • Easy identification of tooth erosion before symptoms occur[6]
  • Improve patient engagement and case acceptance through integrated tools like IvoSmile 
  • In-house design & same-day dentistry

* Caries diagnostic aid is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the USA. For other markets, please contact your Ivoclar Digital Master.
**3Shape TRIOS A/S

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[2] Based on sales figures
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[5] Based on user feedback
[6] Michou, S., Vannahme, C., Ekstrand, K. R., & Benetti, A. R. (2020). Detecting early erosive tooth wear using an intraoral scanner system. Journal of dentistry, 100, 103445.

PrograScan One software package

The flexible design software lets you plan and design your case in-house and connects PrograScan One and PrograMill One into a guided intuitive workflow for single-visit dental solutions.

Features and apps for enhanced patient engagement:

  • PrograDesign - Artificial intelligence-driven design proposals for ease and speed
  • Treatment Simulator - Consult with your patient using simulated orthodontic treatment
  • Smile Design - Design your patient's new smile in just minutes
  • Patient Monitoring **- Visualize changes over time and gain preventive insights
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