IPS Empress CAD

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IPS Empress CAD is associated with many years of successful clinical performance. It closely reproduces the natural tooth structure due to its distinct chameleon effect and lifelike fluorescence. IPS Empress CAD restorations demonstrate excellent light-optical properties and an outstanding mean biaxial flexural strength of 185 MPa1.

IPS Empress CAD is known for exceptional esthetics and can be easily polished to a high gloss: grind – polish – done.

Restorations made of IPS Empress CAD can be stained or glazed. The universal staining and glazing assortment IPS e.max Crystall./Shades/Stains and Glaze is suitable for this purpose.

IPS Empress CAD Multi
The multi-coloured IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks produce restorations showing a natural-looking transition of the shade and fluorescence between the dentin and incisal areas. As a result, maximum esthetics and a vital appearance are achieved without having to characterize the restorations.

IPS Empress CAD HT / LT
IPS Empress CAD blocks are available in two translucency levels (HT and LT). They are supplied in A-D shades as well as in Chromascop shade groups. Furthermore, IPS Empress CAD LT blocks in four modern Bleach shades (BL1-BL4) complement this range of materials.


  • Crowns
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Veneers


  • Highly esthetic restorations, efficiently created
  • Clinically proven ceramic material with a flexural strength of 185 MPa1
  • Optimum adjustment to the natural tooth structure due to the chameleon effect

1 Average biaxial flexural strength, R&D Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein

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