Monolithic process


The key to amazing efficiency the new Ivotion disc allows you to fabricate monolithic removable dentures by means of an efficient digital workflow. Complete dentures are machined from one disc in one uninterrupted milling process, which reduces the need for manual work. This is in accordance with the product slogan: One disc. One milling process. One denture.

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Ivotion Denture System

The Ivotion Denture system comprises a complete digital manufacturing process which allows you to create high-quality removable dentures.

The integrated workflow involves digital laboratory fabrication methods and established clinical treatment steps. The new monolithic disc, which is at the core of this system, features both tooth and denture base materials.

One disc

Ivotion combines a proven, highly cross-linked PMMA tooth material with a premium denture base material. The disc is available in the following tooth shades: A1, A2 and A3. In addition, Ivotion features the gingiva shades called Preference and Pink-V.

One continuous milling process

After the complete denture has been designed, the monolithic restoration is efficiently milled in an uninterrupted milling process in a PrograMill machine.

Only polishing required

The manual work steps are reduced to a minimum. The milled denture only needs polishing.

Industry's First Monolithic Disc with Shell Technology
The new Ivotion disc allows you to fabricate monolithic removable dentures by means of an efficient digital workflow.

Complete dentures are milled from one disc in one uninterrupted process, reducing the need for manual work. This is in accordance with the product slogan of "one disc. one milling process. one denture"


Proven, high quality PMMA tooth and denture base materials

Only a few manual working steps: the milled denture merely requires polishing

Innovative three dimensional tooth and denture base combined in one disc

Data-based shell structure – the core of Ivotion

The unique Shell Geometry is located within the Ivotion disc. The Shell Geometry is a data-based, three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure which is designed for fabricating upper and lower dentures. This innovative technology allows customized complete dentures to be milled in one operation.(1)


Scan & Design
The Ivotion Denture System eliminates the need for fabricating time-consuming models, because the impressions are quickly and easily digitized with the laboratory scanner from 3Shape. The digital dentures are individually designed and customized with the intuitively operated 3Shape Dental System. The System features extensive tooth libraries in addition to sample tooth set-ups, morphing tools, various set-up functions and the latest gingiva designs.
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You can mill your digital dentures in the powerful machines of the PrograMill range (PM7, Pm5 and PM3) or with the established Zenotec Select system. The integrated ionizer of the PrograMill PM7 together with the Active Air Suction feature reduces cleaning to a minimum and makes this unit an idea milling machine.
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The lab composite SR Nexco offers a lifelike appearance, layer thickness tolerance and flexibility of polymerization – working with a lab composite can be so easy.
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The key to amazing efficiency

Seamless and fast digital fabricating of high-quality removable dentures

Time tested materials: High-quality PMMA material for long-lasting dentures

Efficiency: Reduces manual steps to a minimum: design, mill, finish

Patient Satisfaction: Fewer appointments and fewer post-insertion adjustments

Accident ready: the electronic record makes duplications quick and easy


Clinical Workflow


The Ivotion Denture System provide you with several clinical workflow options. Customize to your time and schedule!


1st Appointment

2nd Appointment

3rd Appointment

4th Appointment

First impression

Preliminary bite registration

Determination of the occlusal plane

Functional impression

Vertical dimension


Determination of esthetic

Esthetic and functional Try-in

Final placement



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Dr. Richard Wilson
“Since prescribing Ivotion, I have experienced fewer appointments and minimum post-op insertion adjustments. The precision fit of the tissue surface and occlusion is so good that I don’t see my patients again until their scheduled appointments! No more emergency visits for a sore spot! Ivotion gives me the satisfaction of knowing I’m giving my patients state of the art treatment. Nothing compares to the Ivotion Digital Denture solution.”


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Meet Richard


"Ivotion gives me the satisfaction of knowing I’m giving my patients state of the art treatment."
Meet Steve

Registered Dental Technician

“The Ivotion Denture System has truly changed my life”

Steve Hatch, owner of Hatch Dental Laboratory in Montrose, CO, specializes in removable prosthetics. He is a true craftsman who takes pride in delivering consistently high quality, natural life-like dentures to his clients. But the consistency, high quality, and reliability he prized came at a price when using analog processes. He often found himself working nights and weekends in the laboratory at the expense of his family.

That is, until he attended the 2018 International Digital Denture Symposium in Phoenix, AZ. 

Meet Rodney

Ivotion Digital Denture Patient

“I dont even know that there dentures. I go about my business, I eat the foods I want to eat. Its fabulous"
Meet Liz

Digital Denture Patient

“I didnt think my fiance was going to be able to see a bright beautiful smile while he was watching me walk down the aisle"

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