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VivaStyle Paint On Plus
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The kit contains the following products:
 7x OptraGate Small 
7x OptraGate Regular 
1x 10 ml Proxyt fine 
1x 20 ml VivaStyle Paint On Plus 
1x 10 g Fluor Protector Gel
Various accessories 
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Whitening systems professionals rely on

Ivoclar Vivadent offers you effective whitening solutions for your patients involving coordinated products for creating sparkling new smiles.

VivaStyle Paint On Plus combines the advantages of professional teeth whitening in the dental office with the benefits of popular at-home whitening solutions. The professional teeth cleaning and prevention portfolio comprises innovative auxiliary tools for patient consultations.

 “I love this product because of its exceptional quality and efficiency. It is easy to use and enables my patients to achieve professional results  at home.”
Dr. Roberto Turrini, Italy

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Professional results with at-home whitening – in 14 applications of 10 minutes each
  • Ideal for lightening individual and crowded teeth due to the selective application with a brush
  • No customized trays or expensive, bulky accessories are required


An efficient whitening process – in the practice and at home

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Please note this offer and trial is only open to registered dental professionals in Australia

Conditions of participation: Only one test kit per person. Changes and possible errors reserved. Valid until end of December 2021 or as long as stocks last. There is no legal entitlement to receive a trial pack.

Satisfying the desire for natural-looking white teeth is a great business opportunity. We offer effective, professional teeth whitening for in-office and at-home use.

Even retraction of lips and cheeks
OptraGate assists in opening the mouth and providing a clear view and unobstructed access to the treatment field. The device is easy to place in the mouth and it offers effective relative isolation.
Polishing paste for professional teeth cleaning.
Proxyt is available in three abrasive grades and in a fluoride-free version for customized cleaning and polishing of the teeth. The polishing paste is gentle to dental enamel as well as to composite and ceramic restorations.
VivaStyle Paint On Plus whitens teeth effectively yet gently.
After the patient consultation and professional teeth cleaning, the teeth are whitened for the first time in the dental office. Subsequently, your patients can take the Patient Kit home, where they will carry on with the lightening treatment up to the end.
Fluor Protector Gel gently protects healthy teeth. Patients can use the gel at home for strengthening the teeth after having had their teeth whitened.