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    Telio CAD

    Telio CAD blocks and discs are made from a highly cross-linked PMMA material. Ideal for the production of temporary crowns, bridges and implant restorations, Telio CAD can now be processed with the PrograMill milling machines. The blocks are equipped with the proper mandrels for milling in the PrograMill One, while the discs can be machined in the PrograMill PM3, PM5, and PM7.

    Due to Telio CAD’s durable shade stability, low affinity to plaque, and life-like fluorescence, these temporary restorations allow full-contour crowns and bridges to be created that are comfortable to wear as well as esthetic. With no maximum wear period, the high-strength material can also be used for the fabrication of therapeutic restorations in the treatment of TMJ problems and in functional diagnostics.

    Prior to insertion it is sufficient to polish the restoration, however; the option of characterizing the temporary with the SR Nexco light-curing laboratory composite range of materials is available.


    • Temporary crowns and bridges
    • Temporary hybrid abutment crowns