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    Ivoclar Vivadent Removable System

    It's more than a denture, it's a smile

    Most patients don’t realize they have choices. The only difference in a patient wanting a premium denture and not wanting a premium denture is…INFORMATION! Most patients would be delighted to learn they could enjoy a “premium” denture experience for usually only about 10%-20% higher patient fee. And most doctors are excited to learn that by using Quality Products they can Provide Quality Results!

    Ivoclar Vivadent is committed to helping you provide patients with quality, esthetic and predictable restorative solutions through a comprehensive systematic approach to removable dentistry.

    Click here to learn more.

    Phonares® II denture teeth are made from a nano-hybrid composite material which offers wear resistance far superior to standard acrylic denture teeth. They are extremely natural looking, due to ceramic fillers in the teeth that refract light like natural tooth enamel and the tooth shapes that are modeled on natural teeth. These are the highest end denture teeth Ivoclar Vivadent provides. Learn more about Phonares II.

    BlueLine® denture teeth are the most popular of IV brands of denture teeth and constitute approx. 73% of all our tooth sales. They are the most wear resistant of any acrylic resin tooth on the market, have the most molds and shades available of all our lines and provide four occlusial options. Learn more about BlueLine.

    IvoBase® Precision Press Processing is a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization system using state-of-the-art materials for virtually no shrinkage so they fit properly and are strong, durable, and bacteria resistant for worry-free wear. Learn more about IvoBase.