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    The prophy pastes for professional tooth cleaning and polishing.

    Proxyt prophy pastes clean teeth effectively, yet very gently. Unncecessary wear of tooth structure or roughening of restorations surfaces is avoided with Proxyt. The fine Proxyt paste, which does not contain pumice, allows you to keep restorations and implants looking beautifully smooth for a long time. Polishing with the fine Proxyt paste produces a shiny and smooth natural-looking surface. The prophy pastes are available in three different abrasive values (RDA = Relative Dentin Abrasion). Fine, Medium and Coarse as well as Fluoride free .

    • For professional tooth cleaning and polishing
    • For the removal of plaque and stains, the coarse Proxyt paste (RDA 83) is used
    • For the removal of plaque, the medium Proxyt paste (RDA 36) is used
    • For the removal of light plaque and polishing, the fine Proxyt paste (RDA 7) is used
    • Three abrasion values with defined RDA
    • Contains xylitol and fluoride
    • No scratching of restorations or implants with Proxyt fine
    Benefits for the practice team
    • Pain-free treatment with an established method
    • Visible results
    • Long-term maintenance of teeth and restorations