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    Cervitec Plus

    Cervitec Plus is a varnish containing Chlorhexidine and thymol and is professionally applied to targeted areas for long-lasting protection.

    The varnish is an alternative to Chlorhexidine oral rinses. Doctors often prescribe a Chlorhexidine oral rinse but many patients are non-compliant because of unpleasant taste and staining of teeth, dentures, tooth restorations and tongue. Stains may be harder to remove from restorations that have surface scratches.

    Cervitec Plus has all the benefits of chlorhexidine without the negative side effects of staining and bad taste. Patients do not have to worry about remembering to rinse at home since the varnish is applied in office and it can release chlorhexidine for up to a 90 days. Cervitec Plus varnish has a thin, clear appearance and neutral taste resulting in happier and healthier patients. In addition, Cervitec Plus is safe to use on patients of all age groups.

    • Ingredients chlorhexidine and thymol in a homogenous solution
    • Quick and easy application saves time
    • Clear varnish provides optimal esthetics and targeted treatment
    • Neutral taste and no staining

    Free Online Dental CE: The Multiple Indications of a Chlorhexidine Varnish in a Restorative Dental Practice with Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, D.M.D.

    This CE webinar will describe situations where the use of a chlorhexidine varnish can be used to idealize tissue health, reduce caries risk and minimize sensitivity. In addition, proper maintenance of restorations is essential for their long-term health, stability and aesthetics. Unfortunately, some materials used for maintenance can damage or reduce the lifespan of restorations. This CE webinar will describe tips and recommendations for maintenance of your direct, indirect, CAD/CAM and implant supported restorations.