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    Healthy teeth should stay healthy. Restored teeth and reconstructed teeth should receive the care they need. A coordinated range of individual products enables you to offer your patients an oral health management tailored to their needs. The range includes products for preventive care, dental care, desensitization, tooth whitening and dental jewellery - for an esthetic result.

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    Proxyt Cervitec Plus Helioseal Helioseal F Plus Fluor Protector Fluor Protector S
    1.25g 5 x 1.25g 50 x0.1g
    Applicator Tips
    Prophy Paste
    Fluoride Free Coarse Fine Medium
    Varnishes / Sealers
    Sealant Varnish / Chlorhexadine Varnish / Fluoride Sealant / Clear Sealant Tips
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