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    Impression Materials

    Impressions form an important link in the communication between dental practice and laboratory. The accuracy of the model and final restoration depend on using a reliable impression material that consistently produces a highly detailed impression.

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    Virtual AccuDent XD Virtual XD Virtual Mixer
    AccuDent XD Accessory Kit AccuDent XD Dentate Sample Kit AccuDent XD Edentulous Sample Kit Test Pack
    Virtual Tray Virtual Multi Pack Virtual XD Mixing Tips Bite Registration Syringe Material Tray Adhesive Virtual 380 Virtual XD 380
    Virtual Mixer Spare Parts Mixing Tips Accessory Kit AccuDent XD Tips Finger Grip Extend pack Meas Vial Syringe Virtual Mixer
    Heavy Body Extra Light Body Light Body Monophase Putty Light Body / Heavy Body
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    Virtual Refill Monophase 2 x 50 ml

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