Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to acting sustainably along our entire value chain. This begins with our employees. 


As a responsible employer we create modern and attractive jobs and we advocate equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. We are truly committed to these principles; we live by them and promote them wherever possible. Our further development and education programs are designed to fulfil the learning needs of all our staff members – from trainees to long-standing employees. 

Our thinking and actions are guided by the principle of sustainable development – in every phase: during product development, in the procurement of raw materials, during manufacturing processes and shipment. We pledge to fulfil ecological requirements in order to save natural resources in the long term. We are successively reducing our ecological footprint at all our facilities worldwide.

We are committed to supporting dental professionals in developing their knowledge and expertise and in honing their skills to perfection. Our commitment comes in the form of numerous education and training offerings around the world, providing both remote and on-site learning opportunities.

We are a learning company, and we view all our activities as a part of a process of continuous improvement. Our activities are focused on achieving the following sustainable development goals (SDG): 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12.

We communicate transparently

We attach great importance to communicating transparently with our stakeholders on a regular basis. We would like to know what is important to our customers. We know how to listen and ask the right questions in customer surveys and on the regular visits of our field sales representatives. We engage in ongoing exchanges with our employees, our suppliers and our partners. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Our social commitment is diverse

We support numerous social and charitable projects worldwide. It allows us to share our success with other people. 

We embrace fundamental ethical values

In order to achieve our goals, our conduct has to be honest, fair and upright. Therefore, the actions of our managers and employees are strictly guided by fundamental ethical values and legal requirements.

Our Code of Business Conduct 2020 (CoBC) describes these fundamental values. The Code of Business Conduct sets the standard for the way in which we deal with people inside and outside the company. The managers and employees of the company are equally responsible for abiding by the provisions of this Code.

Compliance and integrity are firmly entrenched in our business processes, because we take our responsibilities as a company very seriously. Our Corporate Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing the program. The Compliance Officer is supported by a Compliance Board composed of managers from various parts of the company. They are responsible for ensuring the adherence to our standards and guidelines and to legal requirements and for consistently improving our performance in this area. Their efforts are worthwhile, because they help to prevent risks from arising, thereby protecting our company and its employees from harm. Regional Compliance Representatives in our subsidiaries are responsible for the correct implementation of the program in their region.

The early recognition of violations and deviations enables us to prevent any possible harm to the company, our employees and our business partners. We will take fair and appropriate steps in reaction to reports from our employees. We will approach individuals who are aware of compliance violations directly and discretely. Our doors are always open. We ensure that all the parties involved will be treated fairly and respectfully. Our digital “Tell me” reporting system is available for reporting any irregularities. 

We are committed to upholding all the trade and industry standards. We condemn any type of abuse against our employees or other members of the workforce. We require the same commitment from our business partners. For more detailed information please consult our Modern Slavery Statement.