Prophy pastes


Gentle on teeth and restorations

The new generation of Proxyt® pastes offers improved handling and therefore simplified polishing and cleaning [5].
The fine Proxyt polishing paste is exceptionally gentle on dentin and enamel as well as on the surfaces of high-quality composite and ceramic restorations [1–7].
Proxyt pastes efficiently and effectively clean and polish teeth, dental restorations and implants and help to maintain their good condition and natural-looking lustre [1–5].

Your benefits at a glance

  • Effective cleaning and polishing as a result of the optimized Proxyt formula [4–6]
  • Needs-based application due to three abrasive grades, plus a fluoride-free variant [1–7]
  • Smooth consistency and splatter-free application for efficient handling [5]
  • Long-lasting lustre of high-quality restorations produced with the gentle Proxyt fine paste [1–6]

Paste containing fluoride

  • Proxyt fine
  • Proxyt medium
  • Proxyt coarse

Fluoride-free paste

  • Proxyt medium

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