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    Tooth whitening gels for at-home treatment.

    VivaStyle 10% and VivaStyle 16% contain the proven carbamide peroxide for effective and gentle whitening. The additional component potassium nitrate, the mild mint flavour, the soft tray material and the short application times allow a gentle and effective whitening of the teeth.

    VivaStyle 16% is recommended for severely stained teeth in order to attain visible results fairly quickly. VivaStyle 10% is used for lightly discoloured teeth.

    • Whitening of discoloured vital teeth
    • Whitening of discoloured non-vital teeth
    • Smooth viscosity
    • Calibrated, resealable syringe
    • Soft, convenient tray material
    Benefits for the practice team
    • More precise dosage
    • Prolonged action on the right spot
    • Less irritation