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    IPS e.max Press Multi

    IPS e.max Press Multi demonstrates a lifelike shade progression from the dentine region to the incisal areas and therefore imparts monolithic restorations with a highly aesthetic polychromatic appearance

    The IPS e.max Press Multi ingots revolutionise the press technique. They are composed of clinically proven lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2), which exhibits a high flexural strength of 500 MPa. The ingots show a graduated level of shade and translucency similar to that of natural teeth: The chroma and opacity of the material are higher in the cervical and dentine region, and the incisal areas are more highly translucent.

    High strength and stability

    IPS e.max-LS2 crowns have been producing impressive results in the posterior region for many years due to their high strength and stability. Now, the ability to press multi-coloured, natural-looking crowns eliminates the need to follow time-consuming layering methods. Highly efficient results are achieved in a single press sequence. Press in multicolour, then glaze and finish!

    The IPS e.max Press Multi ingots are available in one size and in the following shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C1, C2, D2 and BL2.

    The intelligent, user-friendly Programat EP 3010 and EP 5010 press furnaces are fully compatible with the IPS e.max Press materials. Innovative technology has been developed and patented to process the new polychromatic IPS e.max Press Multi material*.

    *A software update is available for the Programat EP 3000 and EP 5000 furnaces and for the EP 3010 and EP 5010 to enable pressing of IPS e.max Press Multi.


    • Anterior and posterior crowns
    • Veneers
    • Hybrid abutment crowns


    • Lifelike aesthetics, efficiently pressed
    • Monolithic lithium disilicate restorations showing a lifelike shade progression
    • Coordinated with high-precision Programat press furnaces and patented technology
    • Maximum cost-effectiveness in the press technique

    NOTE: Before utilising IPS e.max Press Multi, you must ensure the following:

    • You must own a Programat Press Furnace Model EP3000, EP5000, EP3010 or EP5010
    • You must have the latest version of the Programat Software for your model of furnace (Furnace Software Updates are found at:
    • It is highly recommended to view the IPS e.max Press Multi Training video
    • It is highly recommended to purchase the IPS e.max Press Multi Basic Kit in order to obtain all required accessories and to press on an approved Programat Press Furnace