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Zenotec select hybrid

Wieland Zenotec select hybrid combines state-of-the-art five-axis simultaneous operation with the advantages of automated manufacture and compact design.

Zenotec select hybrid is distinguished by its precision and efficiency in the dry milling of a wide array of dental materials.

By adding the optional wet-grinding function, the familiar range of materials can be extended to include glass ceramics. For example up to 6 IPS e.max CAD for Zenotec blocks can be machined in one grinding sequence.


  • The machine incorporates automatic materials management in the form of the 8-disc material changer.
  • 16-position tool changer and coordinated milling strategies
  • Dry milling of zirconium oxide, acrylic resin and wax
  • Innovative multiholder IPS e.matrix to grind IPS e.max CAD for Zenotec 
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