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The digital treatment workflow

Together with Ivoclar Vivadent's innovative restorative materials, the CAD/CAM technique facilitates the planning and fabrication of implant-supported restorations – from temporary to  permanent implant prosthetics.

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1. Optical impression

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2. Digital treatment planning

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3. 3D x-ray scan

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4. Fabrication of the drilling template

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5. Implantation*

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6. Design of the implant restoration

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7. Temporary restoration made of Telio CAD A16* 

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8. Properly shaped emergence profile after temporization*

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9. Permanent restoration made of IPS e.max CAD*

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10. Incorporation / verification*

* Source: Dr. A. Kurbad, Germany

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Hybrid abutment crown made of Telio CAD A16:

  • Cemented to the TiBase, suitable for immediate load-bearing or after the healing phase
  • Easily designed emergence profile
  • Visualization of the permanent restoration
  • Blocks are available in the size A16 and in the six LT shades (BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1)
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Hybrid abutment and hybrid abutment crown made of IPS e.max CAD:

  • Excellent fit due to CAD/CAM processing technology
  • High and durable esthetics due to tooth-shaded hybrid abutment
  • Hybrid abutment crown (2-in-1) offers functionalityand efficiency
  • High biocompatibility with oral soft tissue