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SR Vivodent S PE

SR Vivodent S PE is the distinctive anterior tooth for sophisticated needs. High shade intensity and exclusive PE layering lend these teeth an especially vibrant appearance. Together with the equally new SR Orthotyp S PE tooth line, they form a comprehensive range of denture teeth that offer a maximum degree of individuality.

Both tooth lines are made of highly cross-linked DCL material. The result is a material that displays a higher compressive strength but a similar flexibility to conventional PMMA.

Innovative shade guide

The multifunctional shade guide makes the daily work for dentists easier. This guide assists users in determining not only the tooth shade but also the tooth size and lip closure line. This has been achieved by integrating the facial meter and papillameter into the design of the guide.


  • More individuality: 15 anterior moulds
  • Lifelike shades: exclusive PE layering
  • Universal indication: highly cross-linked DCL material

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