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Secure E-Mail Encryption

Secure e-mail communication is a central concern in modern companies. With the service of the secure E-Mail encryption, confidential and mandatory e-mail communication is from now on available.

IT enables all employees of Ivoclar Vivadent to send encrypted e-mails to any internal or external e-mail address or to receive and to encrypt e-mails from there.

Mobile Devices
To use the Secure E-Mail encryption on your mobile devices you have to sign the GDPR document, please contact your local IT Service Desk for details. If the GRPD document is signed and the local IT Service Desk has confirmed you, follow the Configuration Mobile Device document.

Certificate Renewal for internal Users

If your certificate is expired you will be informed by the Secure E-mail System to download your new certificate.
Please follow the instructions in the Secure E-mail Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started

To use the Secure Mail service you need to be registered. Ivoclar Vivadent employees need to run the below procedure once on every workstation. If your workstation was re-staged or you have received a new e-mail address, you will have to do it again.

Ivoclar Vivadent employees can start the registration procedure by opening this link:

Logon (Ivoclar Vivadent employees)

Please proceed with:

  • On the opened login page, please log in by using your windows credentials (Windows User ID and password).
  • After login select Account overview, on the left plane select Certificates.
  • Press the Select button below “Download internal certificate”.
  • Set a strong password for the certificate and press download. Save your private certificate somewhere where only you have access (e.a your homedrive)
  • Press arrow down in the upper right side of your e-mail address and select logoff.
  • To install the certificate double click to the certificate you have download.
  • After double click to the certificate, the certificate wizard will start. Press next two times.
  • Enter the password you set when you download the certificate, and press next twice. Press finish to finish the Import Wizard.
  • In Outlook select File –> Options –> Trust Center –> Trust Center settings –> E-Mail security
  • Select Settings. Now the Certificate will be displayed. Select Ok to add the certificate to Outlook.
  • In the Encrypted e-mail section mark “Add digital signatures to outgoing messages” and press Ok twice.

Note: To enrol a smartphone, please follow one of the guidelines which fits the Smartphone you use, in the Downloads area.

If you encounter any problem during the registration, installation or setup procedure, please check our website or contact your local "IT Service Desk".

External communication partners need to ask a registered Ivoclar Vivadent Employee to send them an encrypted e-mail via the Secure Mail service in order to get registered. The external recipient then need to finish the registration with a One-Time-Password.

Alternatively, the external partner can just answer the Secure Mail notification e-mail with a signed reply with the personal S/MIME certificate or PGP key. Ideally, external partners should be registered the classical way with the One-Time-Password that will be reset with an individual password during the classical registration procedure. External partners that do not possess an own S/MIME certificate or PGP key will get the Secure Mail messages as SecurePDF. The SecurePDF is a PDF form that must be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8 or higher). For opening SecurePDF's external partners, need to be online (Internet connection).