Telio Add-On Flow

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Telio Add-On Flow is a light-curing, flowable composite which can be used for adjustments and repairs as well as for the customization of the emergence profiles of temporary Telio restorations.


For Telio C&B, Telio CAD and Telio Lab restorations:

  • Supplementing of contact points
  • Filling of air bubbles / inhomogeneities
  • Repairs
  • Occlusal adjustments / occlusal build-up
  • Customization of the emergence profile
  • Relining of and/or supplementing of pontics

SR Composiv

This ivory-coloured bonding paste is the ideal light-curing microfilled composite to optimize the bond of various resins and composite materials. It is mainly used to establish a bond between Telio restorations (Telio Lab or Telio CAD) and the light-curing Telio Lab LC components.