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Cervitec F

The protective varnish enables fluoride application and germ control in only one working step

In certain situations, it is of utmost importance to work swiftly. The advanced protective varnish Cervitec F offers a quick means of protecting tooth surfaces in people who have a high susceptibility to caries. This innovative combination of ingredients enables one-step fluoridation and germ control.

Cervitec F is recommended as a basic protective measure in individuals who are susceptible to caries or with hypersensitive teeth. The varnish system is suitable for people of all ages. Its relatively high moisture tolerance allows the product to be applied with ease. The straightforward application protocol allows the varnish to be used in field conditions, for example, in homes for the retired or for people with special needs.


  • Caries prevention in high-risk groups
  • Fluoridation of dental enamel
  • Remineralization of incipient lesions
  • Protection of hypersensitive teeth
  • Protection against bacterial activity


  • Fluoride + Chlorhexidine + CPC
  • Relatively high moisture tolerant
  • Mild taste

Benefits for the practice team

  • Combined protection in high-risk cases
  • Fast application protocol
  • High level of acceptance among the persons treated