This product forms a part of the Direct Restoratives product category.

astrobrush visualmagnifying glass


Astrobrush is a high-gloss polishing system that produces lustrous results without requiring the use of polishing paste, as each bristle acts like a small polishing instrument.

The abrasive medium silicon carbide is integrated into the special fibres of the Astrobrush polishers. As the bristles wear down, fresh abrasive medium is released on the surface. The brushes therefore provide a consistently high polishing performance. The desired results are achieved clearly more quickly than with conventional polishers.

Astrobrush is supplied in three different shapes:

    • Small Cup
      This shape is suited for polishing anterior and cervical restorations, occlusal surfaces and for removing stains near the gingiva in confined areas.
    • Regular Cup
      This shape is used for polishing large posterior restoration surfaces and for removing stains.
    • Point
      This brush is suitable for polishing occlusal fissures and proximal areas.


High-gloss polishing of restorations made of composite, compomer, ceramic and glass ionomer cement.