ProArt Print Wax

Flasche_Print_Wax_mit Restaurationmagnifying glass

ProArt Print Wax is a light-cured burn-out resin for stereolithography 3D printing. Given its favourable burn-out properties, the material is ideally suited for the production of pressed objects.

Ideal for the press technique
ProArt Print Wax is the ideal auxiliary for use in the press technique with IPS e.max Press: Single objects, such as inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges can be produced using this material.

In addition, the material can be employed to print wax trees with the help of the Digital Wax Tree software add-on.

Excellent burn-out properties
ProArt Print Wax burns out reliably, without causing tension. The high quality of the burn-out process enhances the accuracy of fit and ultimately the success rate with the pressing technique.

True-to-detail pressed objects
Textures and surface details are faithfully reproduced, reducing the need for reworking. With the structures being easily visible, fatigue-free working is possible.

Part of the PrograPrint system
ProArt Print Wax has been especially developed for dental applications. The material is suitable for use with the Ivoclar Digital PrograPrint system. It is part of the ProArt family of products, which includes a variety of auxiliary materials for the conventional and digital workflow.

All steps of the printing process, including cleaning (PrograPrint Clean) and post-curing (PrograPrint Cure), are optimally coordinated with each other. This increases the reliability and reproducibility of the production process.


  • Burn-out restorations for pressing techniques