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SR Nexco Paste

The lab composite SR Nexco Paste offers a lifelike appearance, layer thickness tolerance and flexibility of polymerization – working with a lab composite can be so easy.

SR Nexco Paste is a purely light-curing lab composite with micro-opal fillers which allows you to achieve a lifelike shade even if space is limited.

SR Nexco Paste restorations achieve a durable shade stability and a lasting gloss as a result of the polymerization process. SR Nexco is particularly suitable for restorations supported by metal-based frameworks, framework-free restorations and prosthetic gingiva reconstructions.

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  • Partial and full veneers on metal-supported restorations
  • Pressing over of frameworks using SR Nexco Flask
  • Prosthetic gingiva portions for implant superstructures


  • Inlays / onlays / veneers
  • Anterior crowns
  • Characterization / modification of composite and resin denture teeth


  • Esthetics made easy due to the true-to-nature optical properties of the micro-filler material
  • Homogeneous and quick shade reproduction due to layer thickness tolerance
  • Free choice of polymerization equipment
  • Appealing material and handling properties
  • Suitable for a wide range of indications
  • Comprehensive Gingiva shade range