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SR Orthoplane DCL

The 0-degree SR Orthoplane DCL posterior teeth are characterized by their simple occlusal shape. SR Orthoplane DCL teeth are particularly suitable for geroprosthodontics.

The SR Orthoplane DCL line of teeth is designed for a wide range of applications. The teeth are characterized by their plain occlusal anatomy.

SR Orthoplane DCL teeth are composed of a double cross-linked material. Toxicological examinations have confirmed the biocompatibility of this state-of-the-art resin.

In implant cases, the pared-down occlusal shape and the DCL material impart the teeth with outstanding properties that will satisfy discerning users, dentists and dental technicians, as well as patients.

Characteristics of SR Orthoplane DCL

  • Strong bond to denture base materials
  • Tissue compatibility
  • Outstanding polishability
  • High grinding resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Plaque resistance
  • Permanence of shade


  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Reduced basal profile to keep grinding to a minimum during set-up
  • Reduced disturbance during laterotrusion because of the occlusal design
  • Lifelike wear of the DCL material
  • Lower SR Orthoplane DCL moulds can be combined with upper SR  Ortholingual DCL moulds

11 Chromascop shades
16 A-D shades
Bleach shades

Delivery forms
3 upper posterior moulds: MU3, MU5, MU6
3 lower posterior moulds: ML3, ML5, ML6