IPS d.SIGN Clinical Cases

IPS d.SIGN - The material dental professionals are talking about

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V. Brosch, Essen, Germany

"Ceramic veneering materials should imitate the physical, colour and light-optical characteristics of natural tooth structure as closely as possible. If a material partially or entirely lacks these properties, a sophisticated layering technique has to be used to compensate for this deficiency.
That's why I work with IPS d.SIGN."

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C. Broseghini, Pergine Valsugana, Italy

"My clinical experience with the IPS d.SIGN glass-ceramic has convinced me of the biocompatibility of the material with soft tissue. Furthermore, the material achieves highly aesthetic effects in different light conditions. These effects must be attributed to the presence of fluorapatite crystals."

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A. Bruguera, Barcelona, Spain

"It is easy to integrate a crown made with IPS d.SIGN into the oral environment, as this material reflects light and exhibits translucency similar to that of natural teeth.
IPS d.SIGN enables me to achieve outstanding results."

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G. Ubassy, Rochefort du Gard, France

"The phenomenon of metamerism often associated with metal-ceramic restorations hardly occurs with IPS d.SIGN."

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S. Kataoka, Osaka, Japan

"IPS d.SIGN is a breakthrough ceramic made of innovative materials. This product has a natural apatite-like crystal structure, which imparts true-to-nature properties in terms of hardness, surface texture and shade based on (ideal) light incidence and reflection. IPS d.SIGN enables us to make "natural teeth".

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O. Brix, Frankfurt, Germany

"The fluorapatite-leucite glass-ceramic IPS d.SIGN combines efficiency and creativity in metal-ceramic applications. The brightness of the material as well as its ability to transmit light has been copied from natural teeth. These properties have been effectively incorporated into the ceramic material. The material's outstanding light-scattering and masking capabilities allow successful restorations to be fabricated, even in situations where space is limited."

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Dr. R. Winter, Newport Beach, USA

"IPS d.SIGN ceramic has created new possibilities for the dental professional who wishes to provide patients with an easy to use restorative material that simulates natural dentition in every respect - light refraction, beauty and wear compatibility."

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Dr. U. Brodbeck, Z├╝rich, Switzerland

"IPS d.SIGN achieves an amazing effect of depth, even in very thin layers. This allows outstanding aesthetic results to be achieved, even in situations where space is limited."

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Dr. G. Unterbrink, Triesen, Liechtenstein

"Easy to adjust the occlusion and repolish - the way this material fits, this is really important."