AGC Micro Vision Unit

AGC_MicroVision__Gerätmagnifying glass

AGC Micro Vision Unit

Electroforming in a new dimension

The AGC Micro Vision System allows different working steps to be performed with one device. In addition to additive deposition and the residual gold precipitation, it is also possible to carry out friction gold plating in the AGC Micro Vision device.

The processor-controlled device with the self-explanatory, menu-controlled touch screen is comfortable to work with. The procedure is monitored and the current processing status is indicated. Special magnetic contact rods make positioning easy and allow up to nine restorations to be processed simultaneously in one operation.

The advantages at a glance

  • Self-explanatory, menu-controlled touch screen
  • Each of the 9 positions can be set individually
  • Re-usable magnetic contact rods
  • Friction gold plating and residual gold deposition in one device
AGC_MicroVision_Vergleichstabellemagnifying glass

AGC Micro Vision Comparison Table

The comparison table is used to determine the size of the objects and therefore the current strength in the AGC Micro Vision system.

Included in the delivery:

  • 1 x AGC Micro Vision Comparison Table